Saturday, January 9, 2010


I have several UFOs at the moment and it's driving me crazy.

For the uninitiated, UFO = unfinished object :)

They just need tiny tweaks but a helpful toddler has reset the tension on my sewing machine, and now I have to sit down for ages and fiddle with it to get it right again. WAH. Am putting it off even those my creative self is getting very pedal happy.


Kim said...

That stinks!! I completely understand about tweaking the sewing machine. The tension is horrible, even when you get the top were you want it, you usually have to re-do the bobbin. Even though the bobbin never got messed with. ARG!!

La TempĂȘte said...

YES! Omigosh someone understands my pain or, dare I say it, 'tension'. He he.