Monday, January 18, 2010

Sewing Machine Cleaning

I hate that fuzz and lint that is so keen to collect in my sewing machine. It seems like it just can't wait to get back there just after it has been cleaned. A while back, I got in there with an unneeded makeup brush and got as much out as possible. Of course there were the few stragglers I could not reach.

The guy at my local sewing machine dealership told me that the stuff is dangerous, it can clog up your machine and make the cogs etc inside get stuck. It can even catch fire. So I really don't like it.

The other day I got some of that spray you use to clean computer stuff (compressed air) and used it on the inner workings of Mabel (my sewing machine). It looks like it worked pretty well. Until the next time. LOL.

Spraying works better for me, I think...5 seconds much better than all afternoon hunched over with my makeup brush.

Dearie me, another post that sounds like an infomercial hahaha. Nope, just love the stuff. Use whatever brand floats your boat. I'm pretty sure it's all just air!

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Kim said...

That stuff works great. I did it once and had a lot more lint and gunk than I thought. It came blowing out and got in my eyes and mouth. Nasty!! After that, I decided I needed to do regular cleanings on my machine. lol.