Thursday, January 14, 2010

New Patterns

Picked these patterns up for $2 each at my local (craft store that is :)).

A good range of patterns for someone just venturing into the world of commercial patterns again, I think. I've been working off tutes and printables since I started sewing again.

There’s a boxer short pattern, men/boy slacks, cargo shorts and shirts, some toddler patterns and a good range of dresses. A nice surprise with the kids patterns was the inclusion of a backpack. YAY! I wanted a backpack pattern eventually and did not realise when I bought them it was in there too.

Wish me luck as now I have to decipher all the symbols and intructions. They seem pretty staightforward (fingers crossed).

Does anyone have any tips for other patterns useful for someone starting their pattern collection?


littlemissrandom said...

I have a tip - make me a dress bi-atch! ;)

Kat Browne said...

How are you going with these patterns, hun?