Monday, January 4, 2010

Mail Sorter

So everyone's talking about the mail sorter over here.

I think it's gorgeous. I was all set to make one, or another one that hung vertically, and started wondering about which fabric ('fabric storming') and interfacing etc when I remembered I had one of these from IKEA lying unused in a bedroom.

Originally it had been been bought to organise a child's room. Ha! That never happened. So, yes, it was lying around unused.

It's not sophisicated. It is NOT a design feature. But it works for mail and my fabric is saved for a future mystery project!

By the way, for those who do not have a very attractive (!) frog hanger ready to use, TOTALLY make the mail sorter. It's great, gorgeous and the tutorial is really easy to follow. I just feel guilty making it when I have something else that totally works for the same purpose and is also big enough to throw keys, sunglasses etc in. Sob.

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littlemissrandom said...

Don't diss the frog. I think it's awesome.