Monday, November 29, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like Chistmas

I had plans for this year when it came to Christmas. Plans that included crafting many a Christmas decoration and gift. Unfortunately, life has not allowed me the time this year so far...maybe next year?

Here's a little something that anyone can do...all you need is a printer and an empty frame!

Image: eighteen25 via it'sthelittlethingsthatmakeahouseahome
 Head over to eighteen25 for the short and sweet tutorial.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

My new glue gun

I had to buy a new glue gun last night; mine has gone AWOL. I bought this one in the hardware store instead of the craft store. Much heftier, and for the same price ($16). You can even choose to use it with or without a cord. It has a stand! And a tray that catches hot glue drips. I'll never but one of those rickety pink glue guns again! At this stage it can absolutely handle my glue gun needs :)

Just thought I would share in case you are heading to a craft store to buy one. STOP! Check our your local hardware store and see what they have first, it could be better.

*Not a paid OR unpaid review; just my honest opinion!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Pink, Green, Zip!

I've been sewing some of these little zip cases; this is today's effort.

I love the bright, happy colours of the fabric used in this one.

I've tried different patterns etc, but I have learnt that with zippered things, it takes practice and you really need to adapt ideas to your own way of doing things. You develop a 'zip groove'. Wow, that was bad ;) So this is a practice one.

Such a cute size, perfect for some make up or a few gadgets like your phone, sat nav or some cards and cash.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Buttons and elastics!

As some of you that are 'likers' on facebook may already know, I have been creating some cute fabric covered button hair elastics today, and I am in looooooove.

Love pretty polkadots!

Sweet florals :)

And other fun uses!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Japanese Eye Candy

It's so secret that Japanese fabrics and patterns are huge in the crafting community at large.

One of my favourite Japanese crafting sites is komihinata, where various projects are posted; always simple, always lovely.

Image source: komihinata

Image source: komihinata

Image source: komihinata

Image source: komihinata

Image source: komihinata

If you speak Japanese, you are all set. If not, Google toolbar can automatically translate the page. Or you can just marvel at the creations, which is not hard to do. Just simple, sweet loveliness and eye candy to brighten your day!

I am not affiliated with them in any way. I'm just sharing the beauty :)

Friday, November 12, 2010

Hey there

Sorry, I have been on a semi hiatus lately :) I'm back, I promise.

We've had a spate of weddings in our extended family...lovely things! How I love weddings. They were all extremely lovely and reflective of the bridal couple's personalities, my favourite kind.

There's also been minor illnesses in our own family; a spate of flus, including the dreaded swiney, over the last few months have been very draining.

On top of that, I have been performing some contract work for various companies since around September so have had much less time to work on my beloved Tempest Ahoy and this blog than I would have liked. I'll still be doing that work for a month or so but will be working hard on a work-work-life balance :) I've been enjoying lots of aspects of working part time outside the home, but certainly have been missing aspects of being at home as well.

Add in some overseas travel and I must say, I'm a little drained and a persisent flu of some nature has me feeling very *ugh*.

I'm back and even though I faux promised my lovely Facebook likers (SORRY DAHLINKS) a shop update a while back, I definitely am working on it!

So loyal readers, tell me; what's up with you?