Friday, November 12, 2010

Hey there

Sorry, I have been on a semi hiatus lately :) I'm back, I promise.

We've had a spate of weddings in our extended family...lovely things! How I love weddings. They were all extremely lovely and reflective of the bridal couple's personalities, my favourite kind.

There's also been minor illnesses in our own family; a spate of flus, including the dreaded swiney, over the last few months have been very draining.

On top of that, I have been performing some contract work for various companies since around September so have had much less time to work on my beloved Tempest Ahoy and this blog than I would have liked. I'll still be doing that work for a month or so but will be working hard on a work-work-life balance :) I've been enjoying lots of aspects of working part time outside the home, but certainly have been missing aspects of being at home as well.

Add in some overseas travel and I must say, I'm a little drained and a persisent flu of some nature has me feeling very *ugh*.

I'm back and even though I faux promised my lovely Facebook likers (SORRY DAHLINKS) a shop update a while back, I definitely am working on it!

So loyal readers, tell me; what's up with you?

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Chris said...

Almost totally moved into our new house, now working on making it home. :)