Monday, March 30, 2009

Did I mention yesterday how much I am looking forward to our Girls' Night on the town? In case you were wondering, I'm very excited.

Thinking about it makes me realise that I haven't been on one in far too long. Ummmm, about 2 years actually! My goodness. It's not that I've been locked in the house or anything. Husband and I have been to functions, have been lunching with friends etc but have not been alone with the girls for a night since then.

High time. Even when you are a wife/partner, mother, worker, whatever, you need to be able to let loose and have fun without the Significant Other occasionally.

At the moment I am waiting for a tradesman to arrive. Another day, another tradesman. These ones drive me nuts with their tardiness and inability to explain anything; including realistic timeframes. Oh, and also that they can be here tomorrow at 6 am or not for another 7 months.

My hand still hurts. I am thinking I need an x-ray.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

My hand still hurts!

My hand is still sore from that ****** Tupperware!!! Grr. I still love it though.

I saw two friends from High School last night. It was so nice to see them and it sort of makes you reflect on life. We talked about the infighting that is bound to happen where teenage girls are concerned. I was suprised to hear some people had a problem with me and I never even knew! Hahahaha. Oh well. It makes you realise how girls, and many women, sometimes create problems for the sake of the drama. We don't know any better when we are young; but it's such a shame that many girls carry it beyond those crazy teenage years. It's sad. I'm glad those girls aren't like that.

On a more positive note, it also struck me that it's always such a blast to be around people that knew you when you were really young. It takes you right back and you can just feel that energy again! Wonderful. Even though I don't see them often enough, those girls will always be special to me. Can't wait til our planned Girls Night is here :)

Friday, March 20, 2009


Awesome swimmers ahoy, gentle readers!

Check them out, they are really different!


I think I need to say that I am addicted to Tupperware. I love it. It's so...organised. As well as being useful, pretty and functional.

The other day, some Tupperware fell out of my plastics cupboard and bruised my wrist. I'm not bitter. It does hurt though :(

I think it was a sign that I need to buy some more from my 'dealer' on Sunday at my friend's party. Yes, indeed.