Monday, March 30, 2009

Did I mention yesterday how much I am looking forward to our Girls' Night on the town? In case you were wondering, I'm very excited.

Thinking about it makes me realise that I haven't been on one in far too long. Ummmm, about 2 years actually! My goodness. It's not that I've been locked in the house or anything. Husband and I have been to functions, have been lunching with friends etc but have not been alone with the girls for a night since then.

High time. Even when you are a wife/partner, mother, worker, whatever, you need to be able to let loose and have fun without the Significant Other occasionally.

At the moment I am waiting for a tradesman to arrive. Another day, another tradesman. These ones drive me nuts with their tardiness and inability to explain anything; including realistic timeframes. Oh, and also that they can be here tomorrow at 6 am or not for another 7 months.

My hand still hurts. I am thinking I need an x-ray.

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