Friday, November 28, 2008

Fight for Kisses

Have you guys seen the trailer at Guaranteed to give anyone a giggle!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


An university friend of mine is going to Africa to volunteer in the new year. She has no plans on when/if she will be returning yet. She is busy raising the last of the money now. I think she's incredibly inspiring - she's raised the money through friends, people at her church, friends of friends, family etc and has even started a Facebook campaign.

This is what she has to say, "When I was 13, I read two books set in Africa that would change the course of my life - “The Power of One” and “Tandia” by Bryce Courtenay. These books put two dreams in my heart – the first, to become a lawyer. The second, to go to Africa. The purpose of both – to change the world.On 11 December 2008 I will be admitted as a solicitor in the Supreme Court...On 11 January 2009, I will leave...for Kenya to work as a volunteer for three months with World Youth International".

Amazing. You go girl.


Have been to a string of great parties recently...a central theme and focus of the party goers in question has been a champagne smoothie of sorts. YUM.

It's really difficult. Buy a carton of any flavour sorbet. I like passionfruit. Pour in a bottle of champagne. Mash with a potato masher. Drink.


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Obama Rama Baby.

I love Obama. I really think he is capable of making some great changes. Congratulations to the American people, on what I consider a remarkable step in the right direction. Let us hope it opens America up to great progress, especially in the areas of health, welfare and equal opportunity.

I think even those who did not vote for him may, in time, accept he is capable of being a great leader, even if they disagree with some of his policies.

Am I the only one that watched his speech with tears in my eyes? I hope not.

My friend's little boy - a born performer?

Love it. What a cutie.

English. It's important, people.

I think it's important that I express how much it frustrates me when people grossly misuse the English language. I'm not talking about turn of phrase or a simple mistake. For instance, people sometimes tell me spelling and punctuation does not matter.

Before I go on, I'm sure you'll find the occasional typo and grammatical misdemeanour in this blog of mine. It matters to me though! BTW, abbreviations and smilies will be used. It is a blog after all. I rebel against American spelling, so you may see a 'u' or two that you consider out of place.

If anyone else out there feels rage when they see the fruit shop that sells carrot's and potato's, you know what I mean and how I feel.

I strongly suggest reading the book Eats, Shoots and Leaves. What a great book for all us grammar vigilantes out there.

Welcome to the mind storm

Welcome to my random musings that you may or may not find interesting.

Ah, the sweetness of modern technology. You can bore a much wider audience than in day to day life!

The little blog of mine will be mainly my rants and raves on life as it happens in and around my life. If you like it, hi! I might just love you. If you don't, why are you still hanging around? ;)

Tempestuously yours,

La TempĂȘte