Sunday, May 24, 2009

Black Thumb...?

I've always had the touch of death when it comes to gardening. In the past I've put in some effort in starts and stops with flowers and pre potted herbs.

I've managed to kill a lot of plants by either neglect or love (over watering etc).

Recently, I've had a resurgence of interest in growing plants (fruit/vegetables mostly) since a friend posted a video of the Dervaes family and their little patch of earth.

Their website is, I suggest you watch the following videos first as it really gives you a good idea of what they are about.

You can check them out at and

Whether or not you share their political ideas, a lot of what they say hits home. More of us should be growing our own food. In the old days, EVERYONE had a vegie garden. It was the odd person that didn't.

Also, what they grow with their little block is AMAZING. Wow.

If you consider the environmental impact, if more people had a few plants growing at home, think about the distance and 'carbon' that would be saved.

Fiscally, in these turbulent times, it also makes sense. Why am I paying $3 for fresh cut basil at the supermarket when I could grow it just outside my kitchen?

So I'm really going to put some effort in. I want to grow tomatoes, beans, herbs and some sort of vine (I'm thinking passionfruit/chokoes) to start. If I can get them going, I'll definitely add more. I've enlisted the help of my MIL who is a great gardener so hopefully I CAN DO THIS!!!

I will update you on my progress *fingers crossed*

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