Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Well, hi there!

I have been a blog neglecting Tempest. Sorry!

I have had some fun over the Easter period - making Purl Bee inspired barrettes in yellow, red and pinks; having the family around for Easter lunch, making felt flower brooches, going to a craft fair (no pictures allowed - phooey) and general frivolity. We're also preparing for a milestone birthday party in this house, so chaos is ensuing.

I have also, with help from the hubs, let's call him Mr T(empest), sanded down a garden bench and restained it, painted a second hand (FREE) plastic kids table with chalkboard paint and a thousand other things! I have so much energy at the moment! This of course is somewhat tempered by the fact I'm still recovering from an operation, so I can't do all I wish I was doing.

At the moment I feel like a million bucks that has just drunk a pot of coffee.

Next post will have photos, promise!

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