Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I'm recovering from some medical issues and can't sit down and sew at my machine for long at all. I've got all sorts of projects I 'should' be doing; so it is driving me crazy!

Tonight I decided I would make some flowers, as I could sit down on the couch and take my time with them. Thanks to The Purl Bee for the cute rose tutorial.

The bad night lighting makes them look a lot fuzzier than they are. I was wuite pleased with the result, though. I have plans for them. Muhahaha. Also planning on making some different kinds of felt flowers now too.

Have a fab day/night, wherever you are! <3


Lorie said...

Very cute! Thanks for the link to the tutorial. I am going to feature your pretty pink roses on my blog today.

Erin Marie said...

They are very cute - I've got a whole heap of things that I could make those work for!

Hope you're feeling better.

Tanya said...

Especially sweet. Thanks for the link. Love purl bee too!