Saturday, March 20, 2010

Recovering chairs

My ILs have some dining chairs that have not fared well with the grandbabies' eating habits. They were a light coloured suede and so showed every mark. No matter how hard they tried to clean them, it wasn't working out.

Anyway one day they were lamenting the state of the chairs and how they would like them recovered. "Recovering?", says I. Why, DIY.

Time for a change.

Come out now, little screw.

We interchanged holding, stretching, advising and stapling between us.

It was a learning experience; after the first one, the process was much faster and easier. We cut, trimmed and stapled.

Voila! Now isn't that nicer?

A little 'helper'.

We're very proud of these as we'd never done anything like this before.

And when we finished these there was another little project around the corner...coming soon. We must be high on DIY!


Mandi said...

Dude, AWEsome. How long did it take ya?

Anonymous said...

I am so pleased with the results, It turned out better than expected. Bring on the next project!!!

Sarah said...

You did a beautiful job! So clean and fresh, lovely!!!
God's blessings,
Sarah :D

Kawaii for You said...

Great job. I just recovered our dining chairs recently due to messy kids but used a laminated type fabric. I didn't want to go to too much expense as I'll recover them again a few years down the track when the kids are a bit older.