Monday, March 8, 2010


A cute wall pocket I made today. It was meant to be something else, but, uh, it 'evolved'. In other words, I stuffed up 'original idea' (made a mistake)  because I may or may not have had toddlers yelling at me at a vital step. LOL. In any case, it ended up as this 'new idea' and I think it's sweet.

Here is another project, I finished it a few days ago for a pregnant relative.

It’s a homemade heat pack – not wheat or rice inside but pearl barley. Actually, she is lucky because the supermarket was all out of the cheap kind and this is ORGANIC pearl barley. Hehe.

My Nanna made me a similar one years ago, I still have it and use it. I find the barley has a nicer weight to it and it also sorta 'flows' better inside the bag. The heat seems to be more well distributed as well.

Some funky fluoro colours on the front from ‘le stash’ and some cute black and white polka dots on the back. At the moment, black and white polka dots and me are *like this*. Can’t get enough. There’s nothing they don’t go with.

I'm stressing about a couple of things at the moment, have many more UFOs but just don't have the patience to get the big ones finished, you know how it is. Small crafting jobs are like therapy to me though. Especially when they are for other people. I love to make for others. Make you feel so great knowing they hopefully love or need something you worked hard on just for them.

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