Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Apron

Here's the apron I have been hard at work on for a friend, I delivered it to her on the weekend. Excuse the picture. The apron's not wonky...but hard to get a good pic without a model! I wasn't that brave.

I spent a lot of time getting the seams right; neat and tidy. The apron is fully lined but I didn't take a picture of the lining. Here's a heads up - it's white :) I also interfaced the apron ties to help them keep their shape for as long as possible. The colours here are a little off. It's much pinker, not as blue. What is the deal with that??? Also the thread used was pink, not white as it appears here. Also the ruffly pocket is not wonky either, although it is placed on a slant for effect and ease of use.

The little flower is detachable in case the apron needs to be washed. Let's face it, a properly used apron will need a wash every now and then! I kept this in mind while sewing, and also prewashed and ironed the fabric.

I'm planning on maybe selling some of these. I just have to get my behind in gear and make some more.

Once again, threads have been snipped now - hehe. 

Here it is with me pulling a tie so you can see it's not actually wonky. Did it work? LOL. When I start selling my aprons, I will be using models and a photographer, for sure!

My friend seemed to really like it, which made me so happy. She said it was too pretty to bake in. SCORE.

Thanks to Modest Maven for the pattern; although I changed the strap, ties and added a ruffle pocket and ruffly flower too.


Jane said...

I saw some aprons recently, displayed on one of those decorative white wire manequins. That would be good for display and photography.

Mandi said...

Umkay, that is ADORABLE!

Erin Marie said...

Actually, your friend LOVES IT! And actually used it last night, so it's not only beautiful, but practical also.


Miss Plastic Fantastic said...

Looks fantastic!!!

Anonymous said...

Gran Gran says you are "a clever girl" and it looks very good.

Elisa said...

OOooo..that is so pretty! I just came over from Faith & Family, saw your suggestion about sewing the muslin blankets...great idea!

Kat Browne said...

This is so cute! You've done a fantastic job!