Sunday, March 20, 2011

Funky Belts

Check out this awesome belt tutorial from Elsie Marley. I made two of these tonight for kids aged 2 and 4 and they just adore them.

Always great to see things you make being appreciated by little ones, they are so honest and expressive you know they mean it when they tell you they love something!

I did make a variation which I believe makes them even better. I love her version - great, especially if you have an awesome fabric that you want to use. This time, I wanted to speed up the process though, and make them a little 'rockstar' as the 4 year old just loves his 'rockstar style'.

The simple change I made was using cotton webbing instead of sewing fabric and interfacing etc. I really love the end result! Better non phone pictures coming soon. Meanwhile, if you need a belt to keep your little guy or gal's pants up, give this tute a try!

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