Thursday, July 1, 2010

Felt pillow

I've been working on a felt pillow yesterday and today, on and off. I saw some great ones in Target that I wanted to emulate:

Yes, that is a picture of a picture on my phone. Sorry! My phone and I...well, it hates me. It doesn't like to perform basic functions like emailing photos, or you know, picking up calls sometimes. So I am getting a new one soon. Anyway, I'm hoping the picture is good enough for you to see the pleated rufflly goodness. That was my plan. Picture fixed! Pleated ruffly goodness.

Unfortunately, when I started to cut out the pillow, I noticed that there was not enough of the same coloured felt to copy this. You need quite a bit of length in the strips you are going to ruffle to do this kind of effect. Ah, well. Next time.

THIS time I decided to make do rather than run down to the craft shop and do some normal ruffles and sew them  in a random fashion on at each end. I am very pleased with the result!

I even made the closure all fancy like (he he) with an exposed zip in the back rather than the flap I had initially planned on. It's not perfect, but it's OK. Functional!

I'm thinking of doing another pillow with either a cut out in the felt or a cylindrical pillow with a single ruffle down the middle to match. Also thinking of taking some better pics this weekend. Stupid lighting!

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Chris said...

Love the ruffles and texture...oh! and the color too. :)

Anonymous said...