Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Yummy baking day

Today I have been industrious in the kitchen; making kid friendly 'Invisble Apple Muffins' and also Cheesymite Scrolls. I will be making some Tuna Patties for dinner as well.

I found the Invisible Apple Muffins recipe at, always handy for recipes, especially for children. I made a slight 'tweak' and added grated dates, some cinnamon in the mix and some shredded coconut as well. I would have added sultanas/raisins as well but we have run out. A really easy recipe. I will be hanging on to this one. The taste is subtle, perfect for young kids. Tastes a little like butter cake, with slight apple-y goodness. They won't even know they are eating apple.

For Cheesymite Scrolls, you really don't need a recipe, although there are heaps out there. Spread an even coat of Vegemite (or Promite or Marmite if you are so inclined) over a thawed sheet of pastry. Sprinkle with cheese (your choice; I use Tasty or Colby, Cheddar) or a mixture of cheeses. Roll into a log. Cut log into evenish circles. They don't have to be pretty to taste good! Put on greased tray. Bake for 15 mins at around 200 C.

If you don't like Vegemite, try these with pesto...yum.

Coincidentally, I found my favourite Tuna Patties recipe at a while back too. I make variations depending on when I make it and what's in the fridge, but it's a great recipe.

Easy to pack a whole lot of vegies in there. I dice them really small with my favourite kitchen item of all time...Tupperware 's (Australia / USAHappy Chopper. I really, really love it. Unfortunately, they didn't pay me to say that. I just truly think it is incredibly awesome.

American readers please note - Australian cup measurement=250 mls

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