Sunday, February 28, 2010

Fabric basket

I'm probably a little behind the 8 ball here, but I tried a Pink Penguin fabric basket today.

I used some small quilting strips I had been given that were really too small for anything else I have in mind at the moment.

It turned out so cute! Imperfectly cute, due to my bright idea of using heavy hessian (burlap) instead of linen, but cute all the same. The combined power of hessian and wadding made my sewing machine have 78 different panic attacks, during which it broke no less than five needles. Yes, five.

Also, the patchwork is a little wonky in places (my first time) but I still love it. It was great practice for making a few more, perhaps for more sewing supplies and in bedroom drawers for odds and ends.

Next time, I will be going with the suggested linen or cotton :) he he. The end result though, is so cute on my craft desk. The wadding makes it 'puffy' enough to stand up, but it's soft so you can cram more stuff in :D


Steph said...

I like the burlap with the fabrics you chose - it roughs it up just a bit. But FIVE needles? Yikes.

littlemissrandom said...

I love it!

I could see myself taking one of those out to the park filled with picnic goods.

Miss Plastic Fantastic said...

I would use it as a handbag. I do like the Hessian look. Great for taking with a day out with the kids.