Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Fun in the sun

Have the time to spend in the garden today, waiting for the right time to go down and get started.

Today I have to plant out some of my new yellow pollenless Sunflower seeds (thanks MIL), repot some of the burgeoning seedlings that are too close together, and decide which plants I will be giving away.

I'm a newbie, so of couse had seed fever when I got my seeds; planted far too many of everything. Now they are fighting for space and I realise if they all survive, my potted container garden will be a market garden of some nature. I have a big family and some friends that won't mind adopting a plant or two, so they won't go to waste. The ones I have the most of are cabbage and silverbeet. I swear I only planted so many and they had a mutant party and split into many more!

The carrots really need to be thinned out, I found it really hard to get the right number of seed planted. They are just so tiny. It seems a waste to just thin them out, but I tried transplating some with no luck.

Next time I plant carrots (or other tiny seeds), I am going to try making my own seed tape. Check out this link to see how.

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