Wednesday, May 9, 2012


I've been keeping very busy sewing winter school uniforms - there has been nothing but navy in twill, fleece and polarfleece under my sewing machine foot for a while now.

I was happy to take a bit of a break and make some pretties to update the shop with - you can find them at the etsy store. I needed to do something with flowers and bling after all that navy!

My overlocker (serger) has been acting up, just as I have become very confident with it - typical! I have managed to fix it a few times now, but I fear it really needs some professional attention. I've had to sew a few of the uniforms above using only the sewing machine, and I've realised how indispensable the overlocker has become. Sadness. I can only hope it is a simple thing to get fixed, and hopefully I can schedule it in soon.

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