Thursday, October 29, 2009

Dear Lord, I did it!

OMG. I actually managed to make baby shorts! OK, probably not a big deal for a lot of crafters. But I haven't sewn in years! And the bug has bit me bad recently, so I had to start again.

I've been keeping crafty with scrapping and embroidery, but this is my first sewing project in about 4 years. So I am starting from scratch really. Please know that a pair of shorts is about as fancy as I have ever sewed! So for me, a big deal!

Also, I did not use a pattern, I just based the cut around an existing pair of shorts.

These are a 'practice pair'; so I have used scrap material and did not bother to change thread colour. They turned out OK (obviously not perfect) so I will be making some more tomorrow. My seams were a bit wobbly and I had a slight issue with the crotch sitting right, but it's all good now!


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